Virtual Mailbox For Americans Expats

American Expats abroad are looking for ways to simplify mail collection and management in America. The number of Americans living abroad, including ex-pats and Rv’ers, now totals over 9 million. Many of them still receive mail in the U.S and a Virtual Mailbox Service provides a way for American ex-pats to see their US postal mail more or less instantly via our digital mail scanning service.

American Expat Mailbox Rental

The way the best Virtual Mailbox Services work is the company providing the mail forwarding service notifies you that you have mail or packages awaiting your collection by emailing a scan of the envelope. At this point, you can choose to shred or recycle the letter without opening it (if it’s junk /spam mail for example), open it and email you a scan of the contents, or forward the letter (or parcel) via international postal services or FedEx and DHL.

The best Virtual Mailbox Service company like charges a monthly fee that includes scanning and emailing up to a certain number of letters per month. Forwarding letters and parcels internationally are billed as an extra depending on the postal cost.

scan my US Post Office Mail

Best Mail Forwarder

If you are looking for the best mail forwarder for American Expats, then you should consider the service of Neighborhood Parcel. One important consideration for American ex-pats when setting up a Virtual Mailbox Service is to ensure that the mail and packages are secured and the address is approved by the U.S Post Office.

I have been using portal to manage all my mail, I find the service to be secure, the fees are fair for the quality service you will be receiving.

Ahmad Kassiri | Egypt Virtual Mailbox Services provide non-PO Box addresses, so an additional benefit, at least, is that these addresses may be used for driving licenses, IRS mailing or if your bank requires a US address. American Expats looking to get their last-minute Power Of Attorney, Birth Certificates, and Marriage Certificates Apostilled or translated have the company to help all the way! Notary Public and Apostille services for American Expats can also be done by Neighborhood Parcel.

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